Citizens for Byram Lake Reservoir is a non-political, non-profit organization. 


Byram Lake is a place of serene beauty, as well as the primary drinking water source for more than 10,000 Mount Kisco and neighboring residents. Citizens for Byram Lake Reservoir (CBLR) is a community-based organization devoted to safeguarding Byram Lake from toxic pollution.
The CBLR’s efforts to Protect Byram Lake focus on Seven Springs, the magnificent former estate of Washington Post publisher Eugene Meyer, which overlooks the lake. Purchased in the mid-1990s by mega-developer Donald Trump, the 213-acre property was fated to be reshaped into a luxury golf course with potentially lethal consequences for our nearby reservoir. Due in part to opposition by the CBLR, The Trump Organization has tabled its golf course plan, and is instead pursuing a low-density, environmentally sensitive housing development.
Contact us to learn more about the CBLR’s ongoing efforts to preserve Byram Lake Reservoir for future generations.